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At #Aindo we are incredibly happy about being selected for the next phase of the #EDIncubator program! The competition was tough and we had the opportunity to compete with super-strong startups from all over Europe. We can't wait to start developing our synthetic dataset generator based on machine learning generative models! #Datathon2019 #machinelearning #generativemodels #artificialintelligence #deustotech (more…)

Collision conference pitch semi-finals!

We are delighted to announce that Aindo will be competing in the #CollisionfromHome #PITCH semi-finals!!! We are very grateful for this unique opportunity. Join us at the #CollisionfromHome to hear all about our synthetic data generator PAIRROT! #artificialintelligence #gdprcompliance #Aindo #SyntheticData #datascience

Collision conference pitch!

We are proud to announce that we will pitch our synthetic data generator PAIRROT at Collision! We look forward to sharing our ideas with the AI community and getting in touch with some of the best tech startups in the world! #Aindo #SyntheticData #artificialintelligence #collision

Microsoft For Startups program

At Aindo, we are delighted to be part of the Microsoft For Startups program. This is not only a nice endorsement, but it will provide us with a toolkit to launch our state-of-the-art synthetic dataset generator PAIRROT. We would like to express our gratitude to the entire team for their devotion, even in these difficult times. We managed to integrate significant improvements, and will soon release version 2.0 of PAIRROT. Stay Tuned!! #aindo #artificialintelligence #syntheticdata  

Introducing PARROT

Give a look at this video and get to know our innovative AI software. Ensure a higher level of security for your dataset!
Aindo PARROT the new AI solution for dataanonymization and safe datasharing. For info get in touch at

Telequattro interview

Yesterday we were invited to talk about #AI and our new #machinelearning software for #dataanonymization founded by the #europeandataincubator. Thanks to #telequattro for the nice interview.
See it on YouTube.

Experiment phase winner!

We won the experiment phase! It was an incredible journey, thank you European Data Incubator! Next step: the market!

“Il Piccolo” interview

Thanks to "Il Piccolo" for the nice interview! (more…)

Nvidia inception program

We're grateful to Nvidia for accepting us into their inception program!

Talks on generative models

Don't miss our lead data scientist Sebastiano Saccani talking about generative models the 27 December in Milan! A huge thanks to ML Milan for organizing the event! See you there guys! #aindo #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #mlmilan

SISSA startup

It's a huge honor for us to be recognized as a SISSA startup!

Generate realistic images from sketch

We just secured funding from the FVG POR FESR initiative for a project related to realistic image generation! See details. (more…)

European Data Incubator, experiment phase

Big announcement! 💥 We have been selected to take part in the European Data Incubator! Follow our journey to Berlin with 40 of the brightest Big Data startups in Europe @f6s @deustotech @etventure @engineeringspa #EDIncubator (more…)

IBM think summit

Today our lead data scientist Sebastiano Saccani was invited to talk about generative models at the IBM think summit. Thanks to IBM for the great opportunity! (more…)

Aindo goes to China

It has been an incredible opportunity to take #Aindo to China and presents one of the products currently under development in our Labs.
We had the pleasure to meet many talented startups and people like Giuseppe Tomasello from , Fabrizio Cardinali from Knowledge, Gianluigi Gollo from Dilium and many others.
We had the opportunity to learn a lot from all the participants and I have been impressed by a great job all of the startups are doing. A great thanks to Vincenzo Lipardi Enrico Iaria from Campania NewSteel for the fantastic organization and we wish a huge good look to all of you guys. See you soon!